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Walnut Cracker
Product Design + Engineering + Manufacturing
Mr. Mushtaq Ahmed Dar
Cracking of Walnut/Almonds in Bulk

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Walnut is a big industry in Kashmir and roughly over one lakh metric tones of walnuts are produced every year. While, cracking of walnuts manually is a plodding and tedious job, Mr. Mushtaq Ahmed from Kashmir came up with a unique thought of developing a machine that could mechanize this process relieving the person from drudgery. Mr. Mushtaq showcased his conceptual machine to Lumium via National Innovation Foundation and Lumium found a huge potential in this idea to develop it into a marketable product.

Engineers at Lumium thoroughly studied innovators design and revamped the whole system taking into consideration better productivity, standardization of components with ease of manufacturing and assembly. The task of revamping the complete machine was also taken up by the Industrial Design team at Lumium who worked hand in hand with the engineering team to improve the usability, ergonomics and make the product aesthetically appealing.

The machine was highly acclaimed by the end user in terms of its productivity, usability and aesthetics.The advanced machine has a smart set of drives and rollers which can be manually set to handle various sizes, shapes, rigidities of walnuts and crack them open without damaging the fruit inside.

Another success story@ Lumium in support of grass root social innovations to cultivate an environment of innovation across different segments of the society.

Walnut Cracker
Walnut Cracker