From Idea to Real Product in a few hops

Our Creative solutions go way beyond design. We can “manufacture” and supply production volume, be it for initial test marketing or for longer-term production.

From Idea to Real Product

Our manufacturing support includes Component engineering, Material Cost reduction, Certification & Testing. If looking to sharpen your existing processes for improvement, we will be happy to evaluate, adopt, equip and collaborate with your current manufacturers to achieve the required results.

If you are looking to re-engineer a product for an emerging market, LUMIUM has the right skill sets to reverse engineer and refit a product to suit the new market conditions, in terms of materials, costs, packaging needs, etc.

We are here to help you on what you need

Whatever scale or genre of project you throw at us, we will go about stubbornly finding the most resourceful ways to get it done, and done well. We love to try new things, learn new technologies, understand new anatomies and solve

new problems – whatever it takes to give your product the edge. Feel free to think of us like your extended innovation-cum-R&D arm

Scale Up, Speed Up, Pay as you go

Our design services can be used in a flexible manner: start with a small team or with any single service or use multiple skills in an integrated method. We can increase or decrease the resources as needed by the client very easily.

Scale Up, Speed Up, Pay as you go

Offered as a premium service, our tenacious teams and flexible processes allow room for any rescaling in size or rescheduling of timeline. In essence, we can reconfigure our resources to work around your changing needs.