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R For Rabbit Cradle ‘N’ Crib
Product Design + Engineering + Manufacturing
R for Rabbit
Cradle ‘N’ Crib - That Grows with your Baby

Support in Style

Versatile, compact, convenient and affordable are the words that people search for when it comes to buying cradle for their baby! Lumium contributed to this design innovation for R for Rabbit. The cradle that can be converted into crib is made available at a very affordable cost. Understanding exact user need as per the Indian context and converting them in product feature was the major challenge.

The complex internal mechanism, simplifies user operation of folding and unfolding the cradle. Compact foldable structure opens up possibilities of carrying cradle during travel. Cradle and convertible crib structure with specially designed bed is added feature. Indian "Palna/Ghodiyu" also can be attached to the structure which makes this product indeed indigenousness. Cradle and Crib are minimalist yet multifunctional.

R For Rabbit Cradle ‘N’ Crib
R For Rabbit Cradle ‘N’ Crib
R For Rabbit Cradle ‘N’ Crib