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Orient Fans
Product Design + Engineering + Manufacturing
Unique 2 blades fan with sophisticated looks

Support in Style

Orient confided to Lumium to carry out user research and design new range of ceiling fans for Orient. Lumium partnered with Mckinsey to carry out the User research across 4 cities, Jaipur, Bengaluru, Kolkata and Indore. Apart from the usual questionnaire Lumium team prepared a unique research tool kit to map the user aspirations and likeness factors, which would later be used to design the form factors and define color scheme for the new ceiling fan designs.

Research tool kit mapping led us to understand various themes that home interiors are done. Lumium design team various fan designs under each theme, such as modern, traditional, decorative, minimalistic, and so forth. About twenty designs were made and three designs are manufactured and launched in market.

Orient fan Ad featuring M.S Dhoni - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N459nUWCwgo

Orient Fans
Orient Fans
Orient Fans