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NIF Walker
Product Design + Engineering + Manufacturing
National Innovation Foundation-India (NIF)
Modified Walker with Adjustable legs

Support in Style

Shalini, a 13 year old wanted to make a walker for her grandfather which will be useful for him to climb the stairs with ease. Shalini’s grandfather loved to plant. He had a beautiful garden on the roof where he took his daily walk. Sadly, he had an accident after which he had to use a walker for support. He could walk on an even surface but it was not flexible enough to be used on stairs.

Because the walker could not support him on stairs, her grandfather could no longer walk to the roof to enjoy his garden. Shalini noticed his helplessness and wanted to help him. Looking over the walker, she realized that if the front legs were adjustable instead of fixed, they could be used to climb stairs. And that’s how she got this idea. This idea was conveyed to LUMIUM via NIF in the form of a simple sketch shown.

Designers and Engineers at Lumium found a potential in this idea and they took up this challenge to convert this idea into a full fledged working product. Lumium took up this challenge to foster the environment of social innovation in India and inspire such budding young minds to create a better living society

NIF Walker
NIF Walker
NIF Walker