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IoT Development Solutions

Internet of Things (IoT) and SMART are 2 buzz words giving newer perspective of application and functionalities to each product around. According to IDC study of 4500 respondents from 25 countries, 31.4 % of those surveyed have already deployed IoT solutions and 43 % are looking to deploy IoT within next 12 months. 55 % said that the IoT is strategic to their business strategy.

While companies & startups have got excellent research team and technology geeks, there is equal amount of support they require to derive cost effective and optimized product solutions within this space. LUMIUM’s experience of over 10+ years and 350+ products across various technological domains becomes vital resource for such industry needs.


Whether it is consumer electronics, connected devices, smart homes, smart buildings, smart cities or industrial automation; LUMIUM’s integrated team of experts in technology, design and engineering are well versed and updated with latest trends and product needs.

Technology sourcing, integration and design optimization solution of LUMIUM results in reduced costs, quick time to market, innovative design and value engineered product. Majority of clients come to LUMIUM to address their engineering challenges with an innovative and cost-effective way.

Domains We Cater
Experienced engineers and designers at LUMIUM come from distinguished domains and technical knowhow.
As a result, LUMIUM has successfully designed and engineered 350+ products across various sectors and domains including IoT enabled devices and applications.
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