Internet/Mobile Enabled Dog Treat Dispenser
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Wag Hotels wanted to develop a complete line of pet care quality products for their retail locations. One of the products was an internet/mobile enabled dog treat dispenser. The product needed easy set-up, trouble-free use; provide satisfaction to dog and their owners. Also provide the owner to connect with their favorite pet over any distance and dispense a loving treat.

Project Solution:

Don't be fooled by its cool design. LUMIUM's engineering applications with the Treat Dispenser solution is a complete workhorse. It connects with Web 24x7 and can dispense treat to dog through web application and user authentication features:

  • Serial to USB Bridge Controller to connect Treat dispenser through USB interface.
  • Motorized Treat Dispenser to Treat Dog with Beep Sound
  • Desktop Application can run from Microsoft, iOS and LINUX OS
  • Simple to use Web Application with User Authentication Feature
  • Implementation of Client Server Architecture
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