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Hit Roach Killer
Product Design + Engineering + Manufacturing
Godrej Consumer Products Limited
Innovative gel formulation that attracts and kills the cockroaches.

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The previous packaging for the 'roach gel' was in the format of a typical syringe and plunger, devoid of any controlled dispensing. The mindset of Indian users is habitually cost sensitive and therefore all current products for mosquito repellent mentions the longevity of usage upfront on the package. Lumium was briefed to design the packaging mechanism such that each action will dispense about 0.25 grams of roach gel, and display the longevity of the product.

Designers at Lumium formulated a new mechanism by combining two different mechanisms into one. The piston advancing was adapted from glue sticks while toggle click of ball point was used for dispensing action. Engineers did detailed calculations as to how a single click will lead to 120 degree rotation, which in turn advance piston by 0.25mm to ultimately dispense 0.5 grams per click. The dimensions and pitch were deduced accordingly. Followed by the detailed engineering, team created multiple prototypes to arrive at a functional and manufacturable design.

In order to understand the dispending mechanisms and their behaviors, our design team studied at various products and mechanisms such as injection syringes, Glue sticks, Si glue guns, ball pen toggle, liquid soap dispensers, etc. The principles of each mechanism were analyzed for their pros and cons and their adaptability to the current context was mapped. The products were also analyzed for the grips they offered to the user. Finally, the glue stick mechanism was used for metered dispensing aspect, whereas the ball pen toggle was used for action. The sketches were generated to define the outer form and human factors taking cues from aggressive Godrej Hit imagery.

Initial calculations were done to estimate the cylinder diameter and length, thereby estimating the overall size of the product. The screw pitch was determined based on this chart such that one toggle, which turns half rotation, moving piston by 0.75mm to dispense 0.25 gms of gel in one stroke. The same was later tested rigorously through a series of functional prototyping. Once the mechanism was proven for volume dispensing, the final CAD was built a released for manufacturing. The product is successfully launched in the market and got enthusing reviews.

Hit Roach Killer