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We position ourselves uniquely in the competitive market with our ‘Design-led’ Manufacturing services. From concept to production, our design-led manufacturing ensures remarkable products. We focus on the product vision / strategy and maintain it throughout our design, engineering and manufacturing processes. We are experts in executing end-to-end product development with one Product Manager overseeing the process from start to finish. This ensures clear communication with clients and our technical teams throughout the project.

Our global network provides manufacturing in North American and Asian facilities. This flexibility allows us to provide cost controls and domestic production volumes where appropriate. We manufacture across multiple industries, including consumer electronics, Medical devices, industrial products and housewares. We enable quality certification in each individual markets as required.


We offer custom manufacturing solutions that specialize in short runs. This is a great solution for testing the market before scaling production through low-count runs. Short runs grant flexibility to avoid expensive large-scale investments. When product requirements change, our teams are ready to refactor product with minimum cost impacts. Our manufacturing facilities specialize in the nuances of initial design change-overs and have the processes in place to handle such low-volume driven volatility. We partner with short-run molders that help lower down the per-piece cost without compromising the product quality. With each run, our designers and engineers can adjust the details of product form and function to its perfection. Our short-run manufacturing also provide rapid time to market.


For products that need to scale from the outset, we arrange production with Asian and North American manufacturing partners while taking care of final assembly, quality control and delivery under our supervision. Our manufacturing experts create a fail-safe quality control program in consultation with our clients and manufacturing partners to ensure highest quality yield. With our expertise in supply chain consolidation together with our coordination efforts, our clients are relieved of the tedious manufacturing problems. Lumium undertakes to deliver production volume for the required quality and quantity on a timely basis.