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Post Operative Knee Brace

LUMIUM developed an existing turbine blade by an alternate process. The challenge here was to optimize the manufacturing process and achieve the strength as per the given regulatory information.

Lumium studied the existing manufacturing processes, worked on qualifying parameters for the design / process requirements and performed a comparative study. Different casting, forging processes and specific components were considered in the study.

The engineering team was involved in the analysis and optimization of the heat treatment process. The team furthermore worked on the effects of design alterations on manufacturability, proposed process variables and the quality of parts produced. They analyzed the material properties, strength by FEA and the alterations carried out with the proposed process.

By using investment casting over forging process the lead time was reduced by 50%-55%. The raw material consumption for each blade reduced from 13kg to 6.5 kg, which resulted in a higher material yield.

Post Operative Knee Brace
Post Operative Knee Brace