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Post Operative Knee Brace

ELGI needed to improve the aesthetic of their AXIS 159 Air end which is an internal heart of a Rotary Screw industrial compressor - due to the high-end market competition. The new design needs to have superior aesthetics of the external FORM with reference to ELGI’s 4F initiative for complete improvement and product excellence in FORM, FIT, FUNCTION and FINISH. LUMIUM redesigned the product successfully.

Following were the constraints that have to be considered while redesigning the product:

  • There should not be any functional change
  • There should be improvement in manufacturability
  • Reduction in cost or at the same cost
  • Improvement in casting surface finish Vs Process and recommendations
  • Paint finish including appropriate color & painting process
Post Operative Knee Brace
Post Operative Knee Brace
Post Operative Knee Brace