Industrial Compressor Re-Layout & Canopy Design
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Ingersoll Rand, India approached Lumium to re-layout and develop the external canopy for their 3 stage rotary screw Industrial compressor, CC700. The current product being open configuration took up a large space on the industrial floor. The three intercooler cylinders and their piping were laid generously in their current product. Lumium proposed and finalized intercooler layout that not only optimized space but also simplified and economized the piping between them. There was a marked reduction in the overall volume & foot print of the compressor.

Overall Dimensions:

Old Layout : 6.65m (L) 2.16m (W) 3.19m (H)
New Layout : 4.70m (L) 2.20m (W) 2.60m (H)

The Lumium design team analyzed and benchmarked various large size industrial canopy and enclosure products such as compressors, generators and parallel products such as buses and locomotives. Finally we arrived at a distinct design for the canopy of their CC700 Industrial compressor, which included design detailing of the interface panel and user area.

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