Design Solutions for CSR Initiatives

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has evolved in several years and today it has become an essential part of business strategy for large and medium corporations. It is no longer a one time donation to a cause, but has rooted as a separate business division of corporations, where the focus is year round for identifying the social needs and fulfilling them. Like in any business solution, Design plays a significant role in CSR solutions as well, where environmental, social and cultural aspects are considered into bringing out a good solution.

Health care

LUMIUM works with Corporations to identify CSR opportunities and enables a solution that meets and exceeds the CSR initiatives of the Corporation. With over a decade of experience in product design, LUMIUM is ideally positioned to help Corporations in multiple domains, eg. Education, Sanitation, Healthcare, Infrastructure, Sustainability & Environment.

LUMIUM works with the CSR groups within a Corporation to understand the overall CSR objectives, time frame, and budgets to present a few options. Based on the final requirements, LUMIUM designs, engineers and manufactures the products for the quantities needed by the clients.

Solutions We Designed


This charging trolley is designed for schools where there is a growing trend to use smart devices such as Android Tablets. The classrooms often don’t have enough outlets to charge and safe storage is also a major challenge. This device addresses both these problems in an attractive, safe design. It can charge 30 devices at a time and also store them securely until needed for use. It can be moved easily from one place to another.


In India, an estimated 27Million people suffer from some form of Glaucoma and early detection is a major challenge, especially in rural areas where adequate facilities don’t exist. LUMIUM designed a simple and portable device that can be easily carried and used to test people for Glaucoma before proceeding with treatment.


This device was designed for school students as an extended mode of learning in their curriculum. Device was loaded with special features and interactive content that imparted intuitive learning to students.


This is a specially designed walker for users to climb or come down on stairs. This walker is designed to facilitate the adjustment of the front legs using a simple handle bar grips. With this creative mechanism, a user can adjust the walker to any staircase without the help of another person and can be independent.